This page provides information about the signing if EuroVelo 1 in Ireland and things you should know. There are also some pictures of the different signs you might see.

  • The whole route is signposted – in the both directions – from south to north and north to south.
  •  There are some different types of signs but all cycle Route signs in Ireland have a white background with blue text.
  •  Signs on the EuroVelo 1 route will always have the Eurovelo 1 logo as shown below.
  •  There may also be other logos or numbers on the sign related to local cycle routes.
  • If there is a junction/ turn on the road or path with no sign this means there is no change of direction and you should continue in the same direction
  • Signs are sometimes on the same pole as other directional signs and sometimes they are alone on a pole.
  • On the same pole as a Eurovelo sign you may also see white directional signs to a destination with black text and a distance to the destination.
    • These signs are primarily to direct motorists to the destination.
    • EuroVelo 1 may follow a different route to the destination, so if you want to stay on the route, you should follow the EuroVelo signing.
    • The distance to the destination via EuroVelo 1 may be different that via the regular route.
  •  There are some EuroVelo 1 route signs not at junctions. These are ‘reassurance signs’ to confirm that you are on the route.
  •  In some urban areas there may be a one way traffic flow and if the EuroVelo route shares the road with other traffic it is necessary for cyclists to follow the one way system. In these cases, the route signing will be different for cyclists going north and going south.
  •  On Greenways the signing has a green background with white text. Where EuroVelo 1 is on a greenway the logo will be displayed.

Even through the route in Ireland is signposted it is strongly recommended that you bring a detailed map of the route – either a paper copy or a copy on a phone or tablet.  If you have a GPS unit on your bike it is also recommended that you load the route on to this to assist navigation. You can download the GPX file for the full route here or for each section on the section pages.

The route in the Republic of Ireland is 2350km long. This requires a lot of signs. With so many signs there is a possibly that some will be damaged, misaligned (pointing the wrong direction) or missing.

Signs get blown by the wind, moved by mischievous people, hit be vehicles, removed/ stolen of poles etc. So, it is important to have a map or GPS unit to check the correct route in case there is a problem with a sign.

If you find a sign with a problem please contact

Examples of signs on EuroVelo 1 in Ireland