Section 40 - Donegal

Letterkenny - Derry

This is the last section of the route in the Republic of Ireland and it brings cyclists to the point where the route crosses the border and enters Northern Ireland.

From Letterkenny the route first heads out on to the Inishowen peninsula to the village of Manorcunningham locally often shortened to just ‘Manor’. Originally named the Manor of Fort Cunningham, the place takes its name from its first proprietor, James Cunningham and his relatives. from Scotland, who were granted land in Donegal in the 1607 Ulster Plantation. Their descendants have remained in the area and Cunningham is still one of the most common surnames locally.

Another 15km along the route cyclists arrive at Newtown Cunningham. Like nearby Manorcunningham, the village takes its current name from Cunningham family.  The village’s architecture includes stately Anglo-Irish “big houses”, now known as the Manse and the Castle, which reflect the village’s colonial and Presbyterian history.

Travelling a further 18kms along the route, cyclists arrive at the end of the section close to the village of Bridge End on the border with Northern Ireland where the route continues to Derry/Londonderry and a further 250km across Northern Ireland to Belfast.

In this last 18km there are two historic sites – Burt Castle and Grianán of Aileach. This is a stone ringfort and archaeological site that dates back to the Iron Age and probably the most significant monument on the Inishowen peninsula    Situated on a hilltop 250m above sea level the view from the stone fort of Aileach is breathtaking.

If time permits and cyclists have a few days to spare, they could leave the EuroVelo route and explore the Inishowen peninsula where there is so much to see and do.  At the tip of the peninsula is Malin Head which is the most northerly point in Ireland.

Arriving and crossing into Northern Ireland there is no physical border point so the only noticeable difference may be a change will be a change in the appearance of road signs.

Traffic volumes and speeds are generally low on this section which primarily follows local roads.

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Section 40

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