Warren Way


The Warren Way

The Warren Way in Castleconnor is primarily a woodland walk with sections which cross farm land, fresh water marsh and estuarine mudflats. The interaction between these various habitats gives rise to a wealth of flora and fauna in particular various species of birds. This piece of woodland is dominated by ash, sycamore, alder and willow. Robert Warren came to live in Enniscrone in 1851, from where he studied the local bird life until his death in 1915. He contributed to the book ‘Birds of Ireland’ which was published in 1890. The roadway was originally used to cart farm produce goods and other goods to boats which would moor at a point just a hundred metres north of where the path meets the shore. The mooring post still remains and is known locally as ‘The Black Stick’.

Coordinates: 54.1786624882,-9.1205406189