Rosslare Harbour

Rosslare Harbour is the ferry port where the Eurovelo 1 in Ireland begins or ends, depending on yuour direction of travel. It is the entry point and departure point for many. It is also a small village with lots to offer.

At the viewing point overlooking the harbour is the trailhead for a walking trail that stretches out along the cliff path and back through the village taking in an interesting array landmarks and maritime heritage amidst beautiful scenery and panoramic views.

Don’t miss the beautiful and well maintained community gardens. The Village Park consists of 5 discreet areas interconnected and characterised by attractive formal gardens and some very informal biodiverse areas that are a delight to explore. Rosslare Harbour Village Park and Gardens – Wexford Garden Trail

The village is home to coffee shops, restaurants, bars, accommodation and a large supermarket.

Bed & Breakfast Accommodation:

Clifford House – Luxury Bed And Breakfast In Rosslare Wexford

Tuskar House By the Sea – Bed and Breakfast Rosslare Harbour, Wexford, Ireland (

Ferryport House Bed and Breakfast | 3*** accommodation | Rosslare Harbour, Wexford, Ireland

Coordinates: 52.251857,-6.3418