Roches Campsite

Camping at Roches Campsite

Right beside Bannow Bay

Roches Campsite is located west of Wellingtonbridge on a sea inlet called Bannow Bay.  This is a basic but well maintained and friendly campsite.

If you fancy some horse riding the owners of this campsite also run a horse and pony trekkking centre alongside their working dairy farm. You can go for a morning or evening ride along the bay.

Roches has a shower and toilet block, internet access and charging facilities. Barbecues and campfires are allowed.

This campsite is 11km from Wellingtobridge if you follow the Eurovelo route. There is a loop on quiet roads avoiding the sometimes busy R733 going westwards out of Wellington Bridge. However, if you choose to  use the R733 the campsite is 5km from Wellingtonbridge. The campsite is not quite on the EuroVelo route but a short 2km deviation off the route will bring you there. When leaving the campsite yuo can turn left and join the EuroVelo route after 1km.

You can contact the campsite directly either by email or phone 086 173 7873. You can also book  through this website and get more information Campsite

Coordinates: 52.25174016286831,-6.769532875722949